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Adequate Hydration

  • Why 8 glasses of water daily should NOT be your goal

  • How to effortlessly build healthy hydration habits into your lifestyle

  • What small shift can you make today that will make a big difference in staying hydrated

Shoot to be drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water each day.

Drinking Water at Gym

Your Hydration Goal

Everyone is unique. Your personal hydration goal is dependent on:

  • your lifestyle

  • your exertion

  • overall vitality

  • whether you’re pregnant

  • and many other factors!​

The guideline of drinking half your body weight in ounces of water each day is a good starting point. Do not follow the “8 glasses a day” myth.


  • Drink your water at room temperature.

  • Use your favorite glass or water jug (metal or glass is preferable).  Measure the ounces of the container first and then track.


Healthy Hydration Habits

✔ Using an app is a great way to track your water intake throughout the day.

✔ Start the day with 8 ounces of water and end your day with 4-6 ounces of water.

✔ Have 8 ounces of water 30 minutes before each meal.

✔ Create “hook habits” - use your environment to help you build healthy hydration habits.

✔ Use geography to remind yourself.

  • Place a glass of water on the kitchen counter

  • Have a jug in your car

  • Keep a bottle on your desk at work  

Keep water wherever you will notice it.

Here are some bonus tips and alternatives:

  • 5 layer filters adds back minerals naturally

  • A life water system

  • A home Reverse Osmosis filtration system


  • Get your entire household on board!


Hire a coach or a trainer or ask a friend, co-worker, or spouse to take a “7-Consecutive Day Hydration Challenge” with you.


Daily Exercise

  • How to incorporate movement into your daily routine ​

  • What to do if you don’t enjoy exercise (I’m giving you lots of options here!)

  • My secret to feeling better, guaranteed

Tying Shoelace

Commit to 10 minutes of walking OUTSIDE, daily. After hydrating in the morning is the best time to get your body moving.


Here are some simple, straight-forward options for exercising in the morning:

  • 10 minutes of moderate-brisk walking

  • 25-25-25 sit-ups, push-ups, knee bends

  • Qigong

  • Tai Chi

Tip!  Use “hook habits” for exercise too.

Use your environment, time and geography to help you make exercise part of your everyday.
Use a pedometer to track and log your daily progress - Measure what Matters.
BONUS: Secret to Your Success.

Easy Exercise Tips

Here are some simple things you can implement immediately:

  • Park your car at the far end of the store parking lot or at work on purpose.

  • Walk after each meal for 5 to 10 minutes and ask a neighbour or friend to join you.

  • Use the time to plug in a podcast or learn a new language on audio.

Everyone is unique in their exercise needs and goals. Nearly everyone will benefit from a daily walk.
Think 10 minutes of walking isn’t enough and won’t benefit you?? prove it by completing 2WEEKWALKCHALLENGE

Adapting Exercise for you

If you want to feel better, go for a daily walk for six weeks without missing a day.
If you need to adapt the time and build up to it, then start with 1 minute and work up from there.  
Get assistance if you need it.  Ask a neighbour or friend to join you for your walks.

There are a myriad of adaptations possible for getting exercise in. Do not underestimate the power of consistency.

Nutritious meals


Shoot for a consistent, whole food, organic, locally sourced way of eating. But start where you at.
If you think you eat well already, then see what ONE thing you can improve with your eating.

  • Consider  making the most of your meals - avoid snacking 

  • Allow 30-minute windows of time around your meal (before, during & after) without any drinks

  • Always sit down when you are eating

  • Take your time - chew each bite 15 times

  • Eat dark, leafy green vegetables 2x daily

  • Replace white grains and bread with quinoa and gluten-free options​

  • Slow-cooked meals that are home sourced are best

Healthy Nutritious Meals

  • PASS ON Processed Sugar.  TRY fruit

  • PASS ON Caffeine (no coffee aft. 10am) TRY herbal tea

  • PASS ON Dairy. TRY mylk alternatives like Almond

  • PASS ON Gluten. TRY Gluten Free​

  • PASS ON Alcohol. TRY water

  • PASS ON Table Salt. TRY Himalayan 

  • PASS ON GMO. TRY local farmer markets

  • PASS ON Farmed Fish. TRY Wild Caught

Prepare healthy snacks in advance - MEAL PREP

✔ Hire someone to help prepare meals  
✔ Get locally delivered veggies - support your local farmers
✔ Habits can be built faster in community
✔ Involve your family and get them on the same page
✔ No more cookies in the cupboard!

Alkalinity vs. Acidity


Quality Sleep

Everyone has a unique number of hours of sleep that suits them.  

  • Pick a bedtime. Try in the 9 o’clock hour.

  • Keep your room cooler at night.

  • Make sure your sleeping environment is dark or use an eye mask. or pull black out shades.

  • Stop drinking liquids (water, tea) a couple hours before bed.

  • Use the washroom before bed then drink a small amount of water (4-6 ounces).

  • Plug in your electronics in another room to charge.

  • No screen time after dinner (phone, TV, computer).

  • Write down 10 things you are grateful for each night just before retiring.  

  • Keep a pen and notepad by your bedside.

Ritualize these tips and build healthy habits around them.

Sleeping with Eye Mask

Magnesium can be a wonderful sleep aide.  Check with your local Naturopath for other calming, helpful herbs or supplements.

Get your family on the same page!

Let them know you will be retiring early and that you are not to be disturbed unless for emergencies.  This lets others know in advance how to behave and how to best support you.

Deep sleep is essential for a healthy body & mind..
Both Quality AND quantity applies.

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